April 23, 2016 – Racing for HoPE

We are back at Baer Field Motorsports Park this week for another run on the 1/2 mile track. Last week, we returned home disappointed and with a busted radiator after we became entangled in the aftermath of two others fighting for on-track position.  The good news is that the car is ready to go for today’s race, and it’s fast.

 Racing along with me today is 4-1/2 year-old Charlie Maree Schifsky. Charlie is the daughter of Toby and Jo Schifsky from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I first met Charlie and her family in 2012 at the HPE conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. During one evening of the conference, I invited the families to join me at Charlotte Motor Speedway to watch a Legends race, and six month-old Charlie Maree, her parents and siblings (Roman, Lily and Simone) came out for a night at the track.  At the 2014 HPE conference in Dallas, I coordinated and supervised the tween and teen sibling activities so I spent a lot of time with Roman.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with the Schifsky family again this summer at the 2016 HPE conference!

As a very active family, one of the favorite pastimes of the Schifsky family is cycling. A few months ago, Charlie Maree was awarded a bike from Freedom Concepts, Inc. These are special bikes specifically adapted to each rider’s unique needs. After taking a test ride during therapy and seeing Charlie laugh with joy, there was no doubt that Charlie needed a bike of her own. Here’s a video of Charlie during her test ride.


Okay, Charlie Maree, are you ready to ride? We have a fast race car today, and we are going to be aggressive. We want a win today, so let’s go out there and have some fun!

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2 comments on “April 23, 2016 – Racing for HoPE
  1. Jo Schifsky says:

    We loved seeing Charlie Maree in the car, her siblings were so proud.
    Thanks Josh, for everything you do…. you are an amazing young man! Love in HoPE, the Schifskys

  2. kylee lawler says:

    josh you are a good role modle and a great president for the holoprosencephaly program thanks for all you do

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