September 27, 2015 – Racing for HoPE

Back home again…at Lucas Oil Raceway for the Fall Brawl with Champion Racing Association. It has been a few weeks since our last race at Baer Field Speedway where we came home with a 4th place finish.

Some exciting stuff happening this weekend as we are being joined by Matt Patton who produces a vlog hosted on YouTube called Matt’s Big Dream. Matt has secured a few go-pro cameras to the #09 so it should be interesting to see how the shots turn out. In addition to his weekly vlog, Matt is also producing a video for Families for HoPE about our Racing for HoPE campaign, so check back in for updates as those videos become available.

Families for HoPE will also be debuting its brand-new mascot today during the pre-race autograph session. If you follow my fan page on Facebook, you’ll be one of the first to see the newest addition to the Families for HoPE family.

Most importantly, in the car with me today is Katie Kumlien from Smyrna, Tennessee. The daughter of Joe and Joyce Kumlien, Katie officially became a teenager this week as she celebrated her 13th birthday. Happy birthday, Katie, from all of your friends at Josh Timmerman Racing!

Over the past few years, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Katie, her parents and her older brother, Joey. Last Winter, Joyce and Katie spent a few days in Indianapolis visiting with some of the local HPE families, and I was invited to join them. When Katie heard I was on my way, she and Joyce made sure that Katie was wearing her Racing for HoPE t-shirt. Katie stole my heart when she started blushing after I sat down in an open chair next to her. Soon, her blushing turned into her flirting, and then I was the one who was blushing!

Katie, I have a surprise for you . . .  In yesterday’s qualification session, I qualified 8th fastest out of 24 cars, but with an inversion of 8, that moves me to the P1 position for the start of the race. What that means is that we will be lined up double-file with the #09 on the inside of the front row. After a few laps to get the tires warmed up, we will do a “wave lap” where the fans will stand and wave us by on the front stretch with one lap to go. Then, the pace car will pull off the track along the backstretch, and we will begin a steady increase of our speed going into turn 3, and we will come through turn 4 to lead the field to the green flag as all 24 race cars roar down the front stretch racing into turn 1.

Here’s where I need your help . . . there will be 7 cars behind me that all qualified faster than I did, so we need to be faster, smoother, and smarter than all of them. Our goal is to keep everyone behind us for 30 laps. If our HPE friends in heaven will hold everyone back and you don’t let anyone around on the right side, we can win this thing! (If we win, I will plan a trip to Nashville and let you wear my golden boxing gloves.)

I consider this the biggest race of my season, and I won’t be satisfied with anything less than a win. Hold on tight because you and I are Racing for HoPE in a very big way today!

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