August 15, 2015 – Racing for HoPE

It has certainly been a while since our last race. At Lucas Oil Raceway on July 3, we fought with the car all through practice and didn’t qualify well. We continued making adjustments, and by the heat race, we were feeling a little better. We started 7th in the slow heat race and finished first, so that gave us a little momentum. After starting 15th in the feature race, we had moved up into the top 10, but on lap 18, the engine blew.  Last week, the engine came back from the builder, so we are ready to go again tonight at Baer Field Speedway.

Racing for HoPE in the #09 tonight is Miss Kennady Steele, daughter of Robin and Erica Steele from San Marcos, Texas. Kennady is 13 years old and she has two younger brothers. I first met Kennady and her family in Charlotte, NC at the HPE Family conference in 2012, and I reunited with the Steele’s when I attended the 2014 conference in Dallas.

There are a lot of things I could tell you about Kennady, but Robin and Erica have said it all so well in their family blog at I encourage you to spend some time visiting their blog to learn more about Kennady and the meaningful life she lives. The Steele’s have much to share about faith, love, family, parenting and more, so check them out.

From the Steele's blog

From the Steele’s blog

One of my favorite things about Kennady is that she doesn’t know the difference between Saturday night short-track racing and NASCAR. After meeting her in 2012, I was referred to as a NASCAR driver on the family blog. I made sure to correct Robin and Erica, but if Kennady chooses to believe I’m in NASCAR, I’m not going to tell her otherwise!

Kennady and her mom Racing for HoPE

Kennady and her mom Racing for HoPE

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