June 6, 2015 – Racing for HoPE


In 2010, Terry finished P4 and Josh P5 in the late model sportsman race at Lucas Oil Raceway.

It’s race day at Baer Field Speedway, and we are shaking things up a little tonight. Tonight is the first time that I will be the car owner but not the driver!

My car builder, Terry Fisher Sr. will be on the wheel tonight racing on the 3/8 mile track. This is the first of two races this season where Terry will fill in for me in the driver’s seat. The next race will be June 20 while I will be traveling for a work commitment.

There’s been quite a bit of attention to Terry on social media this week as some are saying that it has been 16 years since Terry ran the 3/8 in a late model. Not only are his long-time fans looking forward to seeing him out there tonight, they’re excited to see him race against his son, Terry Fisher Jr.  I think it’s safe to say that TJ is thrilled to have an opportunity to race with his dad.

Terry is the type of guy that racers can turn to for advice, instruction and support. He’s been involved in racing for years and has seen a lot of situations. While considering our Racing for HoPE ride-along partner for Terry this week, we immediately thought of 18 year-old Elizabeth Brown. Liz is the daughter of Dave and Barb Brown of St. Charles, Missouri, and as we are taking the track today, Liz will be participating in her high school graduation ceremony!

Liz inspires so many families in the HPE community, and I’d venture to say that when it comes to fans, Liz probably has more than TJ, Terry and me combined. Like Terry does with younger racers, Liz’s parents make themselves available to younger parents who are new to the HPE journey by sharing their instruction, experiences and HoPE.

Today is a big day for us all, so Liz, what do you say that we tighten those belts and make a run for the finish line?!

liz brown 

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