June 14 – Racing for HoPE 2014

20140614-121145-43905057.jpgRacing for HoPE with me this week is Joshua Grant Bennett. Joshua is an active 4 year-old, and the son of Ching and Kristina Bennett from Shreveport, Louisiana.

As you might expect, I’m a little partial to the name “Joshua”. One of my favorite Bible verses is Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous.” Not only is it easy to memorize, it guides me when I feel challenged or anxious.

Kids with HPE (and their families) are some of the strongest and courageous people I know. A good friend of mine has spent the week at a hospital in Boston with his daughter who has HPE, and he had to wait helplessly as she was wheeled into surgery–that takes strength and courage.

I know Joshua is strong and courageous because I’ve seen videos of him walking. First only standing, then taking just a step or two, and now he is doing quite well in using his little legs to take him where he wants to go–that takes strength and courage.

Joshua, we are the last race of the night, so take a nice nap because it will be past your bedtime before the race ends. But if you bring your strength and courage and I bring mine too, we have a good chance of walking into Victory Lane tonight! Let’s do this!



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