May 31 – Racing for HoPE 2014

It’s race day again! Last week with Shawn Pederson riding with us, Josh had a 4th place finish.

This week, riding with Josh will be Kai Xzavier Haneul Adkins. Haneul is Korean for “sky”, and his name all together means “sea and bright sky”. Kai is the 8 year-old son of Ronnie and Tonya Adkins, and he has the diagnosis of alobar Holoprosencephaly (HPE).

Despite his disabilities, he is very much a typical boy and loves all things that boys like. One of his favorites is his plush Pokemon, Piplup, who is by his side every night and goes with him to doctor appointments and the hospital.

Josh is going for a win tonight, so Piplup and little Kai’s name may hopefully mean “racing and victory lane” before the night is over!



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