A day in New Haven…

We had a great time in New Haven yesterday.  Due to weather conditions, we decided to leave the #09 at the shop which was a good idea because we encountered sleet on the 2-hour drive to New Haven. We did walk in the parade and handed out candy which was a lot of fun.

Special thanks to Crumback-Symons Chevrolet for providing us with a warm showroom where we could visit with fans, sign autographs and raise awareness of HPE.  While we were there, we were also interviewed for Speed Talk Drafting, a web-based show about racing.  With a recent sponsorship commitment, my friend, Kraig Bontrager of Bontrager Motorsports, and I have officially joined the Speed Talk family of drivers, and Kraig and I had the opportunity to share a little bit about our racing history, our goals for the season, and our relationship with Families for HoPE.

The weather wasn’t quite so perfect, but overall, it was a great day!  Please enjoy a few photos from our day in New Haven!

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