What do I want for Christmas?


What do I want for Christmas? For me, that’s the million dollar question.

So much has changed in my life this year that I can’t even begin to think about what more I could possibly want. Heading into the year, I knew that many months would be spent away from my family, friends, and racing. From February to August, I was working in St. Louis, Missouri preparing for the rest of my professional career. In August, I moved back home to an office location that was closer than I ever expected. Needless to say, 2011 was focused primarily on my career.

We approached 2011 knowing that we wouldn’t be racing much, and every opportunity to go racing wouldn’t be taken for granted. After several rain-outs, some misfortune, and mechanical failures, we took the checkered flag only once. Overall, this past racing year has been a disappointment; however, the short-term sacrifice to take a step back from racing to focus on my professional career has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and has secured my ability to race in the coming years. We’ve already begun preparing for the #09 and Timmerman Racing to return to the CRA Sportsman series in 2012, and we’re all very excited!

Back to the million dollar question–What do I want for Christmas? Not one item could make me any happier of a man than I am already. Christmas is about family, friends, and most importantly celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 with my best friends and family.

I always have several people to give thanks to… My parents for everything they do for me. Steve and Leslie Harley for always being there. Bill and Kathy Schumaker for making 2011 even a possibility for us to race at all (and for continuing to be a big part of Timmerman Racing in the future), Steve Ellis, Lauren Bontrager, Kraig Bontrager, all the Families for HoPE families, and everyone else that helps me do what I love to do.

God Bless!

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