53 days to go . . .

6 Months Down – 53 Days To Go

It doesn’t seem like 6 months since the last time we were at the race track. Needless to say, I CAN’T WAIT!!

I’ve been so busy with work and other life events that I’ve had very little time to think about racing. My career has moved me 5 hours away from home for an 8-month training program.  This time away from home has made me realize how much I love my family and close friends. I keep telling myself that this short-term sacrifice will pay long-term dividends.

There is one reason why I decided to sit down and write my first blog entry in quite some time. I’ve really been blessed with help from Bill & Kathy Schumaker at Schumaker Performance. They’re helping us get the new engine together, as well as installation and tuning in order for us to reach our goal of racing on May 14th at Baer Field Speedway. Bill and Kathy have recognized our vision and decided to be a part of that vision at Timmerman Racing — to impact lives and be a positive role model in the community. That may seem silly, but to the kids (and adults) in the stands…we are heroes.

I’m truly humbled by God’s grace and am forever grateful for everything.

Until next time,
Josh #09

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