For all of my preschool-age fans…

Which Turbo Dog are you?

Strut – A daschund, Strut makes up for his small size by making big plans, that sometimes backfire. He is the only one of the Turbo Dogs who regularly uses his car’s special apparatus to give him an unfair advantage during the races, although it usually ends up with him spinning out or crashing.

Mags – Mags is one of the few female characters on the show.  She is responsible and cheerful, and often tends to be the voice of reason when things go awry.

GT – GT is a bulldog and a natural inventor and mechanic. It is said that GT can fix just about any car, and “could probably make an engine out of a leash and some empty dog food cans”.

Dash – Always the hero, Dash is a selfless, thoughtful Turbo Dog with a heart of a gold and a healthy spirit of competition. He is also very tidy and neat. In one episode it was shown that Dash also has a large collection of racing memorabilia and model cars.

Stinkbert – Stinkbert is a terrier who likes garbage. He is shown to be laid-back, extremely cheery, and really good at cooking. Unfortunately, Stinkbert truly lives up to his name, by possessing a rather strong odor, which the other Turbo Dogs do their best to tolerate. While he appears to be grey in color, the occasional “bath” has shown his actual fur-color to be white!

Clutch – A good guy who means well, Clutch is the one who picks up the slack when the other Turbo Dogs need him. Clutch’s main problem is that he’s a bit of a klutz. Still, he can race with the best of them. He’s mostly in 4th or 5th place with Strut and Stinkbert.

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