Are you a speed junkie?

I received a new t-shirt last week from my friends, Pete and Cliff at Radio Speed Talk.  They host a weekly radio show to discuss all things racing.  I asked them when they were going to interview me on their show, but they said, “Who are you?”  Very funny, guys!

So, I need some help from my fans. On their website, they claim that you can “Tell us who you want us to interview!“, so let’s see if they’re listening.  I’m thinking my fans and friends need to take a few minutes and tell Pete and Cliff that you want me to be a guest on their show.  (HPE moms, I know you’ll be all over this task.  I would be a great way to raise some awareness about HPE.)

Each week, Pete and Cliff select a “Junkie of the Week” who is featured on their website and the Junkie of the Week receives a prize pack.  Go to Radio Speed Talk and become a “Speed Talk Junkie“.  I’d love to see some of my fans win some prizes from these guys.  Tell them that Josh Timmerman sent you.


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2 comments on “Are you a speed junkie?
  1. Jason Mobbs says:

    I will do this…looks like they are pretty cool!

  2. […] racing at Baer Field in 2010, I met these guys and have been campaigning to be on the show ever since. Apparently, my badgering worked because I was finally invited for an […]

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