It’s 75 degrees; why aren’t we racing?

It’s 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, and its almost 75 degrees outside. AHH, I wish we were going racing!!!  It’s definitely going to be a long winter.

Things have changed so much since season’s end. I have accepted a position within the firm that I work for and will be moving to work in St. Louis from February to October next year. Being presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, I just couldn’t pass it up. We’re unsure how much racing we will be able to do next year, but we’re going to try and go every week.

I had a great time at Baer Field Speedway this season. I think with a few minor changes we could be a contender for the 2011 points championship. I wish I could say we’re planning on that, but it would mean traveling from St. Louis to Ft. Wayne (approx. 6 hour drive, one way) 18 times in the matter of a few months. To make it happen, it’s all going to boil down to sponsorship dollars. We’re already working on our marketing plan to secure sponsorship for next season. So if you know anybody that may benefit from a little bit of advertising…send them our way, please!

Last Saturday was quite interesting at the Baer Field awards banquet. We received “Rookie of the Year” honors and a $500 gift certificate to apply to a new racing body. Pretty cool!

I was given a hard time from a couple guys at the banquet because we decided to go to ORP on the last points night at Baer Field.  Some believed we could have made a difference in the points. I think that’s a good thing.


Until next time,


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