9.4.10 Race Update

This season is simply crazy!!!

Our week started off not even knowing if we were going to be able to go to the race due to our lack of tire funding. Because we needed to rule out that there was something wrong with the car and confirm that it was simply just the tires, we had to go. Big thanks to Mom & Dad and Aunt Becky & Uncle Gene for coming through with some tires!

With a new set of tires, we returned to where we have been all year–qualified 3rd fastest with our best time of the season! With the points battle heating up, the top two competitors fighting for the championship seem to be in a league of their own.

The invert was 7, which lined us up 5th in the feature. We weren’t sure what to expect because we had yet to make it through an entire 50 lap race without some kind of problem.

The car was a rocket! We fell back to 7th at the beginning of the feature, but the car came to life after the first caution. There are some drivers that you have to be very cautious about racing–one in particular took me 3 or 4 laps to get around. By then, the top 3 had a half-track lead.

I must have been the fastest car on the racetrack because I caught the top 3 with about ten laps to go. By this time, the engine had developed some sort of ‘ticking’ sound and was blowing fire out of the exhaust pipes. The engine wasn’t losing any power, so I wasn’t too worried.

A caution came out with 5 laps remaining in the race. At this point, I was up to 4th position with the leaders in my sight; however, we simply ran out of laps in order to make a serious push for the win. Given the struggles in the prior week’s race, a 4th place finish was quite an accomplishment.

Hoffman, Minich, and Cook have each been a class act since the beginning of the season. Cook is only about 10 points behind Minich going into the final race of the season, so the points earned in this race will determine the BFS Late Model champion for 2010.

Our team would all really like to get a win on our last trip to Baer Field in 2010, and we’re going to give it all she’s got!

Can’t wait for ORP next weekend on September 18!

Until next time,

Photo by Doni Marlow

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