It’s hard to believe the end of the season is quickly approaching. With only three more scheduled races at Baer Field Speedway, it will soon be time to start preparing for next season.

Depending upon the amount I earn in this weekend’s payout or any sponsorship dollars that may arise in the next several days, this weekend’s race may be our last outing in Fort Wayne for the 2010 season.  Time and time again, we have been in the situation of low funding in the home stretch of our season because most of the money must be spent in the off-season preparing the car for the summer months.

It’s been a few weeks since we last raced, where we had brake failures yet again. This was more serious than we anticipated, and we were unable to get it fixed for the August 6 race. My confidence is still very high because one of these days all of the little problems with the car will be worked out, and we will be contending for wins. It took almost three years to get to that point with the SuperTruck, so it’s nothing we aren’t used to. In fact, I’m actually excited for the off-season because it gives us time to make the changes that are not so easy to do during the season.

So, what’s the tentative schedule for the remainder of 2010?

Baer Field Speedway this Saturday, August 28, for sure. September 4 and 11 are still uncertain.

For my Central Indiana fans, if you’ve been waiting for a time to come out and support the Families for HoPE 2010 Chevy Impala SS, September 18th will be the return to my favorite racetrack, O’Reilly Raceway Park. This will also mark the return to CRA competition–the same series in which we were involved in two horrible crashes last year.  ORP is by far my favorite race track; I have raced there only once but that was all it took. Finishing 6th in the SuperTruck race in 2008 was the most fun I’ve ever had in a racecar! If I had the choice to run once a year at ORP or all season somewhere else, I would easily choose ORP!

So there it is, 2 more races. Not what we expected, but that’s okay. Life is all about choices, and I am confident that I am making the right choices.

As always, I have to give a huge shout-out to all of those who make it possible for me.

Mom & Dad – Thanks for putting up with me and helping wherever you can. Also, thanks for the new doggy (even if she doesn’t like me).

Steve & Leslie – You’re awesome! You two focus on the things that are easily overlooked. I am so grateful for your contributions to the team.

Kraig Bontrager – Thanks for everything, Bud! You and Pops are the first two to jump into action when something needs to be done. You’re doing an awesome job developing as a driver, and I was really proud to see the #49 leading the field at Springport!

As always, special thanks to: Chris Straley at State Farm Insurance, Tammy & Traci at 2 Friends Photography, Steve Ellis at Ellis Racecars, Bill & Kathy Schumaker and Adam Bolyard at Schumaker Performance, Mike Knepley at Competition Graphics, Mary Tinder at Tinder Lock and Access Solutions, Gene and Becky Timmerman at BNG Administrative Services, and Sandy & Larry Patton.

Last but certainly not least, all glory goes to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Until next time,
Josh 09

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