Checkers or Wreckers

Wow, what a weekend! Timmerman Racing is knocking on the doors of our first victory in a late model.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, here is a quick run down of what happened. Qualified 5th. Throttle stuck in the heat race. Started 6th in the feature. Fought our way up to 4th with a shot to win the race. We were significantly faster than the leaders, so we were waiting for the right time to make our move. With 3 laps to go in the race, we spun due to oil dropped on the race track…the phrase “checkers or wreckers” was truly the case for the #09.

So what, who cares? What’s the significance?

All this was done on old tires, a failing clutch, and minor electrical problems.

We really flexed our muscle last weekend. As a driver, I found the preferred racing line and was really aggressive in passing cars. We were faster than the top 3 guys in points. All on a budget that is a fraction of others.

We have the equipment. Securing full sponsorship would allow us to bolt new tires on every week which seems to be the difference between first place and third or fourth.

On another note, I always look forward to the autograph sessions. It was really fun to see the kids climb into the racecar for pictures. We have only one autograph session remaining this season, so mark Saturday, September 11 on your calendar because we’re going to give away posters for the fans.

This coming weekend marks the one year anniversary for Timmerman Racing making the 200 mile round trip to Baer Field. With the clutch fixed, wiring issues resolved, and 4 new tires, we’re going for the win! “Checkers or Wreckers”

Until next time,

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