Some unexpected down time

I struggle to write my blog entries because I usually don’t know where to start. So much has happened since the last time I sat down to write to the world.

The season is underway, and the first and second races went really well! We kicked off the season with a solid 3rd place finish in our first race, and backed up that performance the next week with a 6th place finish after starting deep in the field. With impressive qualifying results in the top 5, we truly have the speed to win races this year!

We have had two races canceled due to rain, and unfortunately, we weren’t able to race last Saturday. Circumstances out of our control (aka engine problems) kept us from making the trip to Fort Wayne. We are hopeful that the engine will be fixed this week and the #09 will be back on track.

So let me just take a second and explain what it’s like to miss a race. It’s kind of like being wide open in the end zone and dropping the football as the clock runs out, like missing the big dance, or like sending flowers to your wife for your anniversary and then realizing the anniversary was yesterday. (Not that I have a wife or an anniversary.)

Basically, missing a race is not a good feeling; however, overcoming adversity is nothing new for me and my team, so we made the best of the situation.  I spent the day being a fan at another race track with my best friend; Mom and Dad caught up on some much-needed sleep; Steve and Leslie attended to some household and Families for HoPE duties; and Kraig worked on his own race car with hopes that he will be back on the track soon.

Racing is a privilege…and we don’t ever forget that.   We will be back to the race track soon. If it isn’t this weekend, that’s okay. There’s plenty of racing left for 2010, and I feel good knowing that when we do return…we will be FAST!

A final shout out goes to Ben Boldt with the Greenfield Daily Reporter. He came to the shop last Friday night to see the race car and ask me a few questions for a story scheduled to run in the 6/24 edition of the newspaper. Hopefully the story will make an impact on someone out there needing a little encouragement about perseverance and resilience.

Until next time,

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