We’re ready

The 09

I would like to thank my entire family (Mom, Dad, sisters, aunts and uncles) who participate and support everything we are trying to accomplish. Special thanks also goes out to Chris Straley from State Farm, Steve and Leslie Harley, Sandy and Larry Patton, the entire Families for HoPE organization including all the families who show their undying support for my passion, Kraig Bontrager, Chris Jacobs, BNG Consulting (Becky & Gene Edwards), 2 Friends Photography, Ellis Racecars, and Competition Graphics.

The ability to give back to the community is a far greater accomplishment than anything that can be achieved on the racetrack. This is what Timmerman Racing stands for–integrity, teamwork, and Christian values. A smile from a child’s face as they climb inside a race car for a picture creates memories that last a lifetime. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to live a dream.

Our 2009 season motto was “#09 in 09”. Nobody would have guessed that we would only have completed one race and get crashed out in two others. It was an emotional season for everybody in which we all grew as a team and as a family.

We are just days away from the first race that will take place at Baer Field Speedway.  Our two testing sessions so far have shown that our focus is greater than ever. Our consistent speed and overall relaxed attitude at the race track has exemplified our growth. We are all unsure as to what will happen the night of May 15th; however, we will take it in stride and always remember that the vision for our team is much greater than our performance on the track.

As the days keep getting closer, my prayer to God includes the following: “…Lord, please give us the strength and courage to overcome anything that stands in the way of making a difference in the lives of others. I thank you for the blessings given to me, and ask that you use these blessings to do Your work in a way that will be constructive and positive. In Jesus name I pray, Amen”

Thanks again to all who make it possible.

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