Looking forward to 2010

Another accident at Anderson Speedway in August of 2009 put us out for the remainder of the season. The classic case of too many cars on such a little racetrack makes for havoc when someone crashes right in front of you.  It takes a careful execution of all drivers in front of and behind the accident to ensure more cars do not get collected in the accident. That was just the case for us when we were hit in the rear by another race car that couldn’t slow down in time. That contact initiated contact with another car which caused most of the damage.

“#09 in ’09 ” was our theme before the season started; however, it turned out to be one of the worst years for Timmerman Racing. As a driver, I made a huge leap from a stock frame SuperTruck with 350 horsepower to a full blown late model with nearly 600 horsepower.  Before the accident at Anderson Speedway in April, I was running 7th with a chance of a top 5. Not too shabby for my first time in a “real” race car. With circumstances taking place that were completely out of the drivers’ hands, our season went crashing into the turn one wall at Anderson Speedway. Blood, sweat, and tears were put into that car by the entire team and hopes were shattered within seconds.

After the dust settled, we ended up with was a wrecked race car that we didn’t even know how to remove from the trailer. After taking a break for a couple weeks, we immediately started back to work with the second Anderson Speedway CRA Sportsman race in sight. We were not going to give up, or back down for any reason..and that is exactly what we did. We spend almost 3 months fixing a race car that was considered brand new before the accident.

We did, however, manage to finish the race car with enough time to race elsewhere before the second event at Anderson Speedway. Our first trip to Baer Field Speedway in Ft. Wayne, Indiana would prove to everybody that we were back! Starting last in the field, we worked our way up to 4th position before ending up 8th when it was all over. On our second trip to Baer Field, we were set to start the feature event on the pole position before it was rained out.

Returning to Anderson Speedway was very important to Timmerman Racing and to all of our faithful fans that supported us when I ran there in the Super Truck. We weren’t looking to win the race, but we were looking to run competitively and finish strong at what was considered our home track. Unfortunately, fate would strike again when we were collected in the accident that would put us out for the season.

Was I mad? No.   Heartbroken? Absolutely.

So, what’s next? Many people would look at our experiences from 2009 and see them as discouraging or intimidating–not Timmerman Racing! We are determined to take the #09 Timmerman Racing Chevy Impala SS Late Model to victory lane. We will not give up! The results and circumstances in 2009 will fuel our fire for 2010!

The outlook for the 2010 racing season is very positive. We have received help from people and organizations that are doing what they can to keep my childhood dream alive. With more names and businesses to be mentioned in the future, it is important to recognize those who make Timmerman Racing a possibility:

Bruce and Debbie Timmerman
2 Friends Photography
Larry and Sandy Patton
Becky and Gene Edwards
Mikel Knepley Competition Graphics
Steve Ellis – Ellis Racecars|
Steve and Leslie Harley
Families for HoPE, Inc.

Special thanks to everyone for your support. Your constant encouragement is instrumental in our passion for racing. Our first race will be at Baer Field Speedway in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We invite everybody to join us on Saturday, May 15 and cheer for the Timmerman Racing #09. Don’t cheer just for me, because it takes the entire team and everybody involved to put that race car on the racetrack!

Now, let’s go racin’!!

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